Good vibes and tasty food

Character, originality and freshness

We choose our products with love and rigor to offer you the best of the Mediterranean cuisine. An atypical menu that invites you to travel. Our dishes combine character, originality and freshness. You will find yourself immersed in a warm atmosphere to enjoy our tasty dishes.

Mediterranean flavours in your plate

Mediterranean flavours in your plate

Lush greenery, vitamin-rich colors and the sweet smell of spices and roasted veggies. Welcome to Mio Mio. The story of Mio Mio begins in the Italian peninsula. A land that is home to a veritable treasure trove of culinary art. It was therefore natural for us to be in constant search of authentic Italian cuisine in other countries of the world. This is how the idea of Mio Mio was born; a restaurant combining the comforting flavors of Italy, a good vibes atmosphere and an "urban jungle" decor. Quality, fresh and local products for an authentic, creative and atypical cuisine in terms of flavors and presentation. Nothing is left to chance in our kitchen where everything is perfected to offer you a memorable culinary experience.

A colorful menu full of surprises

Discover our menu and our combinations of tastes full of surprises. A colorful selection of appetizers, main course and dessert.